State of the art technology for end to end solutions

Using the state-of-the-art technologies and solutions, we provide our clients with products and services in line with the latest developments and requirements of a modern electric power system.

Complete customised service

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We provide expertise and know-how

  • Our team of authorized designers deals with the design of primary and secondary equipment for hydropower facilities, substations of all voltage levels, thermal power plants and other electric power facilities and industrial plants.

    In this segment, we offer the following services:

    • Design of basic solutions and solution concepts
    • Technical and economic analysis
    • Drafting concept designs
    • Drafting preliminary designs
    • Drafting tender documentation
    • Drafting master designs
    • Drafting detailed designs
    • Execution supervision
    • Drafting of as built drawings
  • In cooperation with our partners, we produce a wide range of secondary equipment for electric power facilities and industrial plants in line with clients needs using the most reliable and technologically advanced components of domestic and international manufacturers.

    In the segment of equipment production, we offer the following systems:

    • Automated control systems
    • Electrical protection systems
    • Synchronous generators excitation systems
    • Turbine control systems for water power generators
    • SCADA systems at the entire facility level
    • DCS systems
    • Integrated control systems, turbine control systems, electrical protection systems, excitation and synchronisation systems for small-size water power generators
    • AC and DC power supply systems
    • Periodic metering systems
    • Various auxiliary systems
  • We offer software development, testing and commissioning services for a variety of applications in all types of electric power plants while recruiting highly qualified professionals engaged in various projects around the world.

    In addition, we possess state-of-the-art testing equipment and certificates that enable us to perform the following services:

    • Development of software solutions and control algorithms, and testing and commissioning of PLC-based automated control systems, distributed control systems (DCS) and SCADA systems for various projects in industry and electric power industry
    • Development of software and control algorithms for projects of secondary frequency and power control at the electric power system level (LFC)
    • Software and control algorithms development and testing and commissioning of island mode detection systems for synchronous generators connected to the distribution network
    • Parameterization, testing and commissioning of excitation control systems for synchronous machines
    • Parameterization, testing and commissioning of turbine control systems for water power generators
    • Parameterization, testing and commissioning of electrical protection systems for various facilities at the electric power system level
    • Parameterization and testing of industrial communication networks
  • Our R&D professionals have long-term experience in drafting various evaluations and studies primarily in the field of static, dynamic and transient stability of the system. We use modern software tools to model and simulate the electric power system.

    In this segment, we offer the following services:

    • Drafting studies on an optimal connection to an electric power system
    • Drafting studies on electrical protection systems at the electric power system level
    • Drafting system identification studies and estimations of electric power system parameters
    • Drafting studies and testing optimal parameters of main electric equipment for electric power system facilities
    • Spectral analysis of signals measured in electric power systems
    • Drafting projects on secondary frequency and power regulation at the electric power system level
    • Development of operational plans and verification of reconstructed and new power facilities testing
    • Training of users for maintenance of excitation systems for synchronous machines, control systems and electrical protection systems

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